REGULAR HOURLY RATES FOR FULL-SERVICE MOVES – Includes Replacement-Value Insurance

Two men and a truck with 16 foot box = $120/hr (2 hr min)
  Best for 1 bdrm apartment
Two men and a truck with 20 foot box = $120/hr (3 hr min)
  Best for 2 bdrm apartment
Three men and a truck with 26 foot box = $160/hr (4 hr min)
  Best for 3 bdrm house


Rates increase during peak periods including weekends and month-end.


Local Moves – Add 1 hour charge for travel time at the hourly rate unless otherwise stated. This charge covers the cost of the crew travelling to the place of origin and back to the office from the destination. This charge will be higher when travelling to or from outlying cities or towns.

Local Long Distance Moves – For moves within Ontario with at least one address that is more than 100 kilometers outside of Ottawa, the travel charge will be based on a charge per kilometer. This charge covers all travel as well as food, lodging, and fuel.


All moves include $50,000 of full replacement-value cargo insurance coverage (with $250 deductible), beds bags, couch wrap, and use of wardrobe boxes.


The relocation of oversized, overweight, or high-risk items such as pianos, large-screen televisions, and large aquariums will usually be subject to surcharges, especially where stairs are involved. Surcharges will also apply in cases where entrance ways and stairwells are too small to allow passage and furniture must be hoisted up the outside of the building to upper levels. These surcharges are to cover the increased risks on our insurance and on our employees.

There is a 100% surcharge for moving on public holidays (New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day).

Sometimes the contents of the home must be stored in the truck overnight. This can occur when the closing on a new home is delayed and the crew can’t unload at the new location until the following day. In such cases, an overnight storage fee equal to one hour at the contracted rate will be charged as well as additional travel time for the second day.


Payment for services rendered is usually requested in the form of cash. Payment can also be made by credit card if the charge is preauthorized at least 24 hours prior to the move. 


Cancellation requests must be made by email or certified mail. Cancellation fees will apply when bookings are cancelled or postponed within 30 days of the scheduled move date. An administrative fee of $75 will apply if a booking for a move is cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled move date. A cancellation fee equal to half of the minimum charge will apply if a booking for a move is cancelled within 10 days of a scheduled move date. The full minimum charge will apply for any cancellation made within 48 hours of the scheduled start time of the move. Cancellation fees may be fully or partially waived, at the discretion of management, in cases where the customer is rescheduling their move for a later date.

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